Comprehensive Manufacturing Capability


We have the capability, and capacity, to manufacture a wide range of components and assemblies, and we have a proven track record covering thousands of different components delivered to many customers, and over many years. These components range from relatively simple though critical turned parts through to some of the most complex geometrical shapes which can only be viably manufactured on five axis machines.


We offer a comprehensive service which runs from working with customers at design stage to optimise design for manufacture (DFM) all the way through to suggesting cost/integrity improvements on running items as materials and technologies are developed.


Manufacture is carried out in our modern workshops which are equipped with state of the art equipment. Operations such as turning, milling and drilling are completed on single machines with live in process probing to continually monitor quality. These machines are linked to central computerised systems which are used to manage work scheduling, machining programmes, and the permanent recording of actual component dimensions.


We deliver our products as components, kits, or as assembled units depending on the needs of our customers. In delivering assemblies and kits we also offer integration services where we procure and integrate components supplied by others.