Our Full Machining Capabilities


CNC Turning up to 300mm Dia     (Mori Seiki 303, Mori Seiki MT)

CNC Turning up to 150mm Dia     (Mori Seiki SL25m)

CNC Turning up to 20mm Dia        (Mori Seiki CL150)

Multi axis, Multi spindle Turn/Mill centre 210mm Dia Billet and 65mm Dia Bar (Traub TNX)

Multi axis, Multi spindle Turn/Mill centre 32mm Dia Bar (Traub TNL)

Multi axis, Multi spindle Turn/Mill centre 65mm Dia Bar (Mori ZT , Mori ZT , Goodway GS)



Vertical Machining with Simultaneous 5 Axis up to 330mm diameter x 300mm long (Matsuura MX-330)

Vertical Machining with 4th Axis up to 500mm Cubed (Mazak, SV50)

Vertical Machining up to 300mm Cubed (Milltap, Milltap, YCM)

Horizontal Machining up to 400mm Cubed (NHX and SH400)

5 Axis Turn/Mill

5 axis machining up to 210mm Billet and 65mm Dia Bar                  (Mori NTX , Mori NTX2, MoriMT)

Sliding Heads

Sliding Heads up to 32mm Dia bar capacity (Goodway SW32) x1, (Nomura/Goodway)x3     Machines up to 26mm


Cylindrical CNC Grinding up to 150mm Dia (Jones&Shipman)

Centreless grinding (x3)


Threadrolls will take 15mm Dia (3 machines)

Inspection equipment

Brown & Sharp Non-Contact measurement equipment

Axiom Coordinate Measuring machines

Extreme Coordinate Measuring machines

Inline inspection


Double and Single Hone

Pressure Test

Niton Gun – Chemical Analysis using X-ray Refraction

In house Saw cutting

Full Thread Testing and Validation Lab – Zeiss Axiolab Microscope

2D and Electrolytic part mark

NDT facilities – Fluorescent and Magnetic Particle Examination